Have you found yourself wanting to start a youtube channel or even a blog, but the stress of having to have the "perfect" camera and the "perfect" lighting is stopping you? 

I found myself in the predicament for a while now. Constantly using the "I don't have any good lighting to make videos" excuse - I decided to change that today. And I didn't even have to shell out $200+ on these name brand ring lights out now! All you'll need is $25 (maybe even less) and 4 items! 

To make this project easier, I decided to film myself making it. Feel free to watch the video down below and follow along: 

I hope I helped a few of you some extra bucks! I'm so glad I ended up making it, it works so well - especially considering how much I spent. Let me know if you make one too! 

diy ring light | under $25

Sunnies have become one of my latest obsessions. I just can't seem to get enough, especially with the current trends out at the moment! 

I don't know if any of you have this problem, but as much as I love a good pair of sunglasses, I struggle with allowing myself to branch out. My face is a rounder shape, completely cutting or anything other than oversized from my option selection (this is a completely made up 'selection' I've gathered up over the years and is completely irrelevant). Only sticking the the bigger lenses obviously puts a damper on the variety in my collection. 

I've always wanted to be one of those people who rocked any pair and made it work. The round ray ban sunnies and yellow/pink clear lens aviators are ones I've been dying to get my hands on, but the self doubt is stopping me!  To ease myself into it, I decided to try out WearMe Pro. What this is, is basically a seasonal subscription box of SUNGLASSES

The two things I liked most about this company is that it isn't a monthly thing like we're use to seeing, so you aren't being overloaded with products. The second thing I enjoyed was the fact that you have no final say in what pair of sunnies you get. I know, I KNOW - it sounds ridiculous. You're paying for something you can't even choose out? I promise you that's the best part though! Now, you don't get to choose which pairs you get, but you do take a questionnaire that you fill out with a bit about your style/taste so their stylists can have an idea of what to stick to when personally selecting your lenses. 

Completely ridding the option of being able to choose, broadens the whole situation for the better. You aren't limited to 'what you think looks best' or 'I only stick to so and so' - instead, you're able to try these styles that you might've normally steered away from and find your new favorite pair! Or you can totally hate them, it could happen, but at least you can say you tried. Plus - they always make great gifts! 

After entering all my style details, these are the sunnies I received: 

Now, I'm going to be completely honest, initially only one of the pairs caught my eye. The other two... not so much. I had always wanted to try a clear lens out, but the shape of them had me cowering away. Same goes for the brown pair, the cat eye was to die for but how small the frame was, wasn't too pleasing to me. 

These were my favorite pair, hands down. I love the shape, the size and the colors. Everything about it screams me. 

These next ones were a pair I was interested in, but shied away from due to the boldness. I will admit, I'm not a big fan of how they are looking on me in these photos - it just doesn't seem like ME. 

I did however try them on later that day with my hair up in a high bun and some hoops on.... safe to say I AM OBSESSED. It completely changed the look for me and I was definitely feeling myself - you couldn't tell me anythiiiiiing

Unfortunately I don't have pictures taken with my dslr, but I do have this one from snapchat that will have to do!

This was the last pair I received and ultimately my least favorite of the trio. The sunglasses themselves aren't unattractive by any means, but I just feel they do nothing for me. These are a pair I'd hang in the middle of my shirt to spice up an outfit a bit, I don't see me ever wearing them regularly. I'll probably try them out with some other hairstyles and grow to love them, or I may just gift them to a friend or family member! 

Overall, I'd give WearMe Pro 9/10. You get 3 pairs of sunnies seasonally (every March, June, September and December) for only 29.99 each of those 4 months - which is a steal considering you'd be lucky to find a decent pair at the mall for $25! Aside for that, you also get the chance to step out of your comfort zone - I've mentioned it a lot in this post, but that genuinely is my favorite part of this whole thing. Trying new things is always fun, especially when it's something you were too shy to wear before! 

Disclaimer: This post was in collaboration with WearMe PRO, but no compensation was received. All words and opinions are 100% my own. 

sunglasses haul | wearme pro

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