Generation Beauty Los Angeles 2017 was held this past weekend. I was lucky enough to not only be invited to the actual 2-day event, but to the creator cocktail party as well, for the second year in a row! 

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to make it out to Gen Beauty due to my dog being sick the first day and the second day we were dealing with the worst rain I've seen in a while. Streets were filled so high with water people were actually "surfing" and jet skiing in it - it was insane! 

Though I didn't make it out to that event, I did make it to the Cocktail Party held by Ipsy that Friday night. It was tons of fun! The venue was gorgeous and the thought they put into the decor and entertainment was apparent. From hostess walking around with plates ordures to gorgeous women dancing along the walls, nothing was left out. 

I always attend events on my own and show up with high hopes of meeting someone to befriend. Like last year, I was fortunate enough to meet 2 amazing women - one while I was standing in line and the other while actually inside. You can check them both out here: Jeannie + Yarissa

The purpose of this post is to give a huge thank you to ipsy and Michelle Phan (and to show off the UNREAL goodie bag we got!). I'm forever grateful for the endless amounts of opportunities and memories she's helped create for me. Safe to say I definitely wouldn't be attending this cool, fancy parties if it wasn't for her! 

Now on to the 'swag bag'..... 

Spoiled is not even the word to describe how I felt when opening this years bag. We were gifted with well over $1,000 worth of goodies from brands like hourglass, makeup forever, Bellami and so many more. 

I truly wish I could take a picture and list every single item, but it's literally impossible. I did set everything out, though, in case you want to browse over all the products I'm now the proud owner of. If you see any product in particular you want a review on, do let me know! 

generation beauty cocktail party + what's in my swag bag?

Before we get into this post, I want to clear two things up. The first being - I'm not entirely sure why I named this "chronicles" because I'm almost certain this will be the only installment. But it was the only catchy thing I could think of that started with a 'C', don't judge me! The next thing I want to make clear is that this is NOT a sponsored post. By the way I've been raving on and on about Cantu; and how I will continue to in this posts, I can assure you this is all me, my thoughts, my money, etc. But hey, Cantu, if you're reading this and wanna hook your girl up, I wouldn't be opposed to it *wink, wink*. 

Okay, now that we've successfully gone off track and the post hasn't even officially started, let's get on to that. Today, we're going to be talking about Cantu (obviously, Kristina). I'm going to be discussing the differences I've find between the regular line and the kids line, I'll tell you which I prefer and everything else in between! 

For almost two years now, I've been consistent with the same products. You can check out my curly hair routine here. 


RATING: 5/5 

This was my holy grail product for the longest time, I couldn't even tell you the amount of repurchasing I did. This is probably one of my favorite smells, ever. Not only did I smell amazing, but it made doing my hair simple. I'd shower, spray  this all over and then I was done. 

This was the first and old product I used when I decided to stop using heat and be completely natural. It did WONDERS for my hair. Though my hair hasn't reverted back to its normal texture (if we are being completely honest, I prefer the pattern I have now! I feel it suits me better than my old one. In the picture below, you can see how truly damaged my was from all the straightening, curling and hair dying when I first transitioned. Further into the post I'll insert a more recent picture of my curls and you'll see how much healthier they've become. 


RATING: 5/5 

The love I had for the Shine & Hold Mist had me wondering about this companies other products. In an attempt to branch out, I then purchased the Curling Cream and Deep Treatment Masque. Both these products have the same addicting coconut smell the spray did. Unlike the spray, though, the cream obviously gave me a different look. Still very natural how I liked it, but there was a bit more control in the frizziness. Up until a few months ago, these products replaced the spray completely. I again fell in love and found myself using it everyday. It was repurchased way more times than I can count. 


RATING: 4/5 

After seeing an online friend of mine's hair, I was curious to know what she was using and I asked if she had any suggestions on any good products. That's when the Leave-In Conditioner was mentioned. 

I won't lie, when I first started using this, it wasn't an instant love like the others. The smell isn't what I was use to and it was putting me off. It doesn't smell horrible, but it doesn't hold that tropical smell that I prefer. The way my hair would turn out after using this soon evaporated any dislike I had for this product, it was just too good. It soon became apart of my daily routine and replaced the curling cream. I used it up until a month ago, and just again began to reuse it.   


RATING: 4.5/5

These last products were what my cousin had informed me about. I sound so redundant saying "I loved this product!", but with this brand I find myself never being unimpressed. Cantu is one of those brands where they constantly one up themselves. 

The smell the kids line holds is completely different to the regular one. As I mentioned earlier, the regular line has a more coconut-y, tropical smell and the kids version holds more of a sweet, candy type of scent. The smell is initially what got me interested in trying it, and after realizing because it is meant for juvenile hair, it's a lot more gentle overall. When I tell you I never thought I'd find something I loved the smell of more than signature Cantu smell, my life felt like a complete lie once I used the kids Curling Cream. 

The reason I gave this a 4 out of 5 rather than a 5 out 5 is because I personally prefer the more natural, big/poofy look rather than a more uniformed one - and that's what the curling cream gives you, especially if you aren't careful with the amount you use. That is the only downside to this for me, but on the front it clearly states "defines & tames fussy frizz" so I can't really be upset with it since it's doing its job. 

As for the styling custard, I only use it on my baby hairs and if/when I decide I was to wear my hair slicked back into a ponytail or bun. You can substitute this one with the curling cream if you'd like, it'd give you an even shinier, more defined look. Again that isn't my preference so I tend to stray from using it all over. 

At this very moment, I have reverted back to using the Leave-In Conditioner because I feel that's the product that gives me the outcome I'm currently feeling right now. But, because I do really love the kids line, I've squeezed some of the curling cream into my spray bottle that I used to refresh my day 2,3,4, etc day curls and I use the styling custard for my baby hairs.

Taking a step back and taking into consideration all the pros and cons I've had with each and everyone of these products, I'd have to say I prefer the regular line over the kids line. That does not mean I hate the kids line by any means, if anything I'd rate it a 4.999999/5 and the regular line would be at at 5/5. 

I'm a huge fan of this company and I don't see myself using anything else in the near future. It works well, smells great and is super affordable! I'm constantly recommending it to family and friends. Whether you're looking for a new product to use, transitioning or you're just a product junkie, I 100% recommend you try Cantu out. Just keep in mind these products are scented and it's a very in your face smell. I know not everyone likes that, but if you're like me and live your hair smelling amazing and constantly getting complimented on the smell, this is for you! Just as a reference, scent wise the Leave-In Conditioner definitely has the 'lightest' smell, followed by the sweet-smelling kids line and the very apparent coconut scented regular line. 


If any of you are interested in an updated hair routine, let me know and I'll be more than happy to get that posted! I'm also planning on branching out and trying the Cantu shampoo and conditioner, so once I get my hands on that I'll definitely give you my thoughts and let you know if it lives up to the hype the other products have built for it.

the cantu chronicles

Rocketship Park has been around since the 60's and was the "it" place to be in middle school. Every weekend you would be able to find friends and fellow classmates scattered across the hill. It was one place I had yearned to go since I was about 13, but that want had been halted by my anxiety -- up until last night.

About 8 years later, at 21 years old, I finally got to stand at the edge of Rocketship Park and take in all the city lights. I can 100% say that moment was so worth the wait. At one point during my trip, I found myself sat on a bench with someone who's became a quick friend of mine. As we pointed out different landmarks, cities and lights we delved into some of our current struggles and wants for this new year. 

I spoke about how I'm currently experiencing this "break" in between my episodes of anxiety, and how I've finally been able to both cope and live in the moment at the same time - something that's been difficulty in the past. I mentioned how I never thought I'd ever be sat here on a bench, overlooking all of LA feeling so carefree and normal. Feeling quite silly gushing about how excited I was about literally just sitting on this random piece of land, I'd constantly downplay it by saying "I know this isn't a huge thing" or "I know it's a normal day activity". But it was a huge thing and it wasn't a "normal day activity" for me and I'm entirely grateful that my friend humored me and went along with how excited I was. 

With any sort of mental illness, it's quite hard to enjoy any "easy" days you have because the constant dread of it ending is always lingering in the back of your mind. It's sort of like "okay, yeah, I'm having fun now, but in a few minutes/hours my mood could completely switch and ruin it all". I didn't allow it to take that happiness from me this time though. I took in every bit and piece of the view, genuine conversation, and company as much as I possibly could. 

To make the night even that more impressive for someone like me, we ended up making a late night food run to a restaurant near our homes. I will admit the hours leading up to going to the park initially and leaving the park I did experience some anxiety. At one point it was enough to make me want to cancel and give in and ask to be taken home, but I pushed through. And I'm proud of myself for doing that, the anxiety passed and all was good again. 

Thank you to my super lame, but sometimes (kinda) cool friend, Nic, for constantly pushing me to try new things and for being so patient and understanding with me. Thank you for unknowingly making me realize it's okay for me to let knew people in and even though I may have some baggage, it'll never be enough for someone not to want to deal with. Thank you for all the adventures you've taken me on and the ones to hopefully come in the future!

Learning to live with this anxiety thing is draining, but I'm getting there slowly but surely. I adore every one of you who take the time to read my posts, send me a message or trust me enough to confide in me. If you've read any of my previous pieces from over the years, you know how much of a huge deal this is for me. I hope that I'll continue on this path, along with all of you. If you're feeling stuck and unmotivated, don't get too down on yourself. Everyday is a new start, continue to search for that rock to help aid you in getting up. 

Now let's end this very cheesy post with an even cringier quote (that he specifically told me not to put on her but I am anyone's because I do what I want) from the man himself: 

"Bringing in the new year with the lights" - Nic Miller, Jan. 2017 

rocketship park

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