Since the start of my blogging journey, and even some time before then, I would constantly find myself wondering "What camera are they using to take this pictures? The quality is insane!". I would even sometimes reach out to some of the bloggers I would come across and vocalize my question to them... Most of the time I got no response - whether that be because they were too "popular" of a blogger or they were simply just one of those people who hated sharing any sort of information pertaining to their content for whatever reason. 

Sure, the first conclusion I came to was reasonable, maybe some just didn't have the time. But, for the most part, I felt it was always the latter of the two. I never understood that sort of mentality to be completely honest, hell I still don't know! What's so difficult about answering such a harmless question? 

I've always been more of a simple girl when it comes to the layout of my pictures, sticking to the basics and just focusing on the one product itself. The flat lays are gorgeous and I envy all of you with the creativity and patience to figure out such an eye-catching display, but let's be real - if I attempted that, I would no longer have a camera to even take pictures. My camera would be lying in a heap of broken pieces after me throwing it at a wall as a result of frustration. 

My "Blogging Picture Kit" (that's really not even a kit because it's literally only 2-3 things) consists of my camera, which the model and brand will be discussed in a second, my backdrop - if we can even call it that, and sometimes my tripod. Before we proceed, this is a mess of a situation and is very much on the frugal side of the spectrum. But hey, it works! 


The camera I use is the Canon Rebel T5. It's an entry level camera, but it works fantastic! I got this as a 21st birthday present to myself, had I not been so impatient and waited to save $200 more I would've definitely went for the T5i. The T5 is great, especially if you have a good lens on it, but the swivel screen that the T5i has is something I would've liked to have. 

This is the 18-55mm lens. It's a kit lens that comes with the T5. I rarely ever use it just because I don't like the quality it gives me. I'm sure if I took the time to find out the correct settings for it, it would work swell! 

This baby right here is the 50mm. Unlike the 18-55mm lens, this is sold separately. It's actually a relatively cheap lens compared to others and it's one I would recommend investing in! The picture quality it gives off is so amazing. I know there are definitely better lenses out there, but for my current budget this gives me the payoff I want and I'm so satisfied. You can check out the photography tab on the top of my blog to get an idea of how this lens takes pictures.


This handy little "backdrop" is actual just a simple, little poster board you would use for a school project. You can pick up one from your local dollar tree for just 50 cents. It's light and flexible making it very practical. My last one lasted a while, only getting dirty and bent due to my lack of care for it. I'd kind of just throw it anywhere after I was done with it, but there's always an option and getting a few coins to pick up a new one! 

Here's a sample of how the backdrop looks. The lens is standing up and the poster board gives an all around coverage and the bend in it is no where to be seen. 


I only use two apps to edit, both are free and on your iphone. VSCO Cam and PicsArt. VSCO is used for the filter and the picture adjustments in general. I use PicsArt to correct any discoloration or say my nails are chipped in a picture, I'll use the clone tool on PicsArt to fill it in for a more kept look. 

The 3 pictures above show the settings I use 99% of the time. If i use a filter, it's always either A6 or HB2 and the sharpness is always upped to +2. The other settings - exposure, contrast and temperate are never the same, it all depends on the picture. Aside from those three settings just mentioned, I typically stray away from messing with the other ones. 

There you have it! That's the camera I use, how I get a white background and the filters I use. You definitely don't need a dslr by any means, if you have an iphone, it'd work just as fine! 

what i use to shoot & edit

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