Dear Andrew, 

April 19th, what a special day indeed. 

It's crazy to think someone of only 24 years could posses all the accomplishments, goals and qualities that you do. (It's even crazier to think I'm writing this letter to you - the young teenage me that use to always fight her older brother is cringing inside). 

Growing up we never had the best relationship, we'd fight and argue like it was our job and we could never spend more than a few minutes around each other with out wanting to gouge each others eyes out. But with the bad times, good times were always close behind. 

Remember that time we raced at the park to see who was the fasted? Obviously I was. I won and all you did was go on and on about how you'd win in a short distance race "let's do short distance and see who wins then!" - still would've been me, let's be honest. Or what about the time you conned me into holding a paper up whilst we took turns jabbing that pencil into it? OH WAIT. We didn't take turns, did we? You got to have all the fun and I was left with that huge pencil jabbed into my leg! Oh! Or what about the time I was trying to make mom her Mother's Day present in 5th grade and ended up slicing my thumb open and having to be rushed to the hospital while you held the towel around my hand in the back seat? Definitely wasn't good in the moment, but it's hilarious to look back on. 

You work your butt off to be someone I can look up to, and trust me, you have and  continue to accomplish that flawlessly. The support you show and give me on a daily basis is the only thing that keeps me going most days. In the moments when I'm so close to giving up, you're the one and only thing that pops into my mind. You're constantly inspiring and pushing me to become a better me, without even knowing it most of the time. 

Thank you for always telling your friends about my blog and sharing all the sweet things they say about it with me. (If any of Andrew's friends are reading this now, thank you!! All the nice things you say make me smile.) 

Thank you for always letting me tag along with you and Alyna for the day and making me feel included. You know hanging out with my own friends and going out is really hard for me due to my anxiety, so it's nice to be able to feel safe and enjoy myself every so often with you two. 

Thank you for always making me laugh and being there to help me gang up on mom and everyone else. 

Thank you for being there to comfort me when I'm terrified and crying in the mist of a panic attack. 

Thank you for coming with me to my very first blogger event and being willing to pretend that you didn't know me and ask for a picture so I could feel special. (LMAO)

Most of all, thank you for never making me feel less than. Despite that one problem we had when I was 15, you've never made me feel bad for being who and how I am. I know it's not easy to be in such close proximity with someone who has struggles like me. Whether it be me stopping us from doing things, getting all the attention put on me or whatever the case may be, thank you for taking the time to understand I never do anything intentionally. 

Everything you've done and are doing now never go unnoticed. I'm so proud of you and who you are. I know stress can get the best of you at times while you're trying to juggle all that you do, but I'm so glad you've found someone special to stick by you through it all and help bring some happiness and light into your life in those low moments.  

I hope you have an amazing day today! I wish we could be spending it together, but I'm glad we got to celebrate with all the cousins + your friends past Saturday.

Happy 24th birthday, Andrew!


Your annoying little sister. 

open letter to my brother on his 24th birthday

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