If you aren't a follower of my blog and you came across this randomly, you're probably in the position I was in about a few months ago. A nervous wreck, knee-deep in youtube videos, glassdoor reviews and google searches of what to expect during your upcoming Lush interview.

Don't you worry though, I've got your back! You honestly have nothing to worry about - and that's coming from a girl with severe anxiety. Sit back and relax, I'm going to share my experience from start to finish in as much detail as I possible can to help you prepare for your interview.

Before I get into everything, I do want to make a little disclaimer - the Lush I went to was fairly new and really small in comparison to their other shops, and this was the process for a seasonal sales associate position. Though, I don't think anyone else interview process will vary that much, I just wanted to make sure that bit of information was known.


I heard about a Lush opening at my local mall from a friend who had just recently got hired there. I knew about Lush because of all the hauls I've seen on youtube and blog posts from fellow beauty bloggers. I won't lie, I've never owned a Lush product before (this was pre-written - as of 2016, I do own a few products!) and the only thing I really knew about them was the fact that they were cruelty free. Anyone who knows me knows whenever thats a factor, I'm completely sold.

The lush application process is strictly done online. You go to their website and scroll all the way down to "Careers". I don't know if it's the same with other locations, but all I had to do was submit my resume via email to my designated store. Once my email was sent, I got an email saying they would get back to me soon with the dates of their hiring party.


Unlike what their email had said, I never got information with dates. Right from the time I applied, I was extremely nervous. I was looking up videos on youtube about people who had previously worked for Lush, videos of the interview process and reading up on what everyone had to say on glassdoor. After about 2-3 weeks of waiting, I had yet to receive an email back with any type of information. So, I  decided to bite the bullet and email them again myself.  I let them know that I applied for the seasonal sales associate position and I had yet to receive anything back. I'm glad I had decided to reach out to them the day that I did that day because that very next night ended up being the date of the hiring party. I'm not entirely sure why I wasn't notified -  again, it was a new store and maybe they were swamped or it got lost, I really can't give you an answer. So, take my situation as an example and remember how important it is to make sure you're always following up with your applications!


The big day. My particular hiring party took place after hours at 9:30pm to 11:30pm. I had the whole day to psych my self out (so fun!), but once the time had come I was surprisingly alright. I arrived at about 9:10 - it's always important to arrive at least 10/15 minutes before any sort of interview! When I got there, there were probably about 3 other girls waiting already. They had us form a line outside of the store while they cleaned/set up everything for us.

At 9:30, there were now about 15 girls waiting outside. The manager of the store was so polite, came out and greeted us and made sure everyone was good. Upon entering the store, we were told to sign in on a sheet, grab a tag to write ur name on and place all of our bags/purses into this box. As soon as all of that was finished, the manager and 3 workers there at the time proceeded to introduce themselves and briefly explain what would be happening in the next two hours. I have to mention, every single person there was so incredibly nice - whether it be the manager, the workers or the other applicants; the vibe was incredible and you just felt so at ease.

We were all split into a group of three, each worker being the "group leader". There were three station set up, each being run by a worker. Basically what would happen at these stations is, the group leader would explain a couple products to you - the ingredients, what it's used for, how she would sell it to a customer, etc -  and you'd have to recite all that information back in your own way to try and sell it to your partner. It was actually pretty hard, especially because I had never really looked into Lush products before so the information wasn't really sticking with me. Thankfully, my group and partner were amazing so they'g quietly throw in some tips on what I should say while I was demoing the product on them. All the while this was happening, the manager was overlooking everyone and occasionally calling girls outside to do an "interview". That interview consisted of her just asking me why I wanted the job, did I have any job experience and why I thought I'd be a good candidate for the position. This is pretty much how it went for the next two hours. Learning a few products, demoing/trying to sell it to your partner, switching stations and doing the same thing all over again.

At the end, we were gathered all up and thanked for coming. She let us know they would be in contact within the next two days if we had got the job. If you did end up getting the job, you'd have to come in for training that next week for a few hours a day. And that's pretty much it! It was all as easy and laid back and I made it seem. Of course, I guess it'd vary from location to location, but for the most part I believe Lush prides themselves on that comfortable sort of atmosphere.

If any of you are going for an interview soon, I hope I eased your mind a bit and you were able to get a good feel of what will be taking place during it. If you have any more questions, feel free to comment on this post or tweet me and I'll answer asap.




  1. This is really great and I bet it will be a huge help to anyone who is applying to work at Lush!

  2. How would I be able to get in touch with them? I applied for a job a couple days ago and the closing date has passed. I am getting anxious about it x

    1. I would get the number to the store and call them! xo

  3. Thank you sososo much for this!!!! ❤❤❤


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