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Ever since following more bloggers on Instagram, I've found myself becoming more and more obsessed with shoes. Some of the most known sites to get shoes in the blogger community are Simmi Shoes and Lamoda. I've gathered a few of my favorites and complied them into a little list. You;re going to notice they're all pretty similar in looks, but i'm so obsessed with all of these! 

                                                              // SIMMI SHOES // 

                                                                                // LAMODA // 

The first and last pair are my ultimate faves! Which ones do you like the best? 


As all of you guys know, I've been rockin' the natural curls since May and I completely banned straightening my hair (aside from special occasions). As much as I love my curls, sometimes you just want that long-straight-blowing-in-the-wind mermaid look, you know?

I was lucky enough to receive some extensions for a company called Milk + Blush.  This company isn't new to the hair extension scene at all, they were formally known as "Dirty Looks" and had been around for years, but recently have recently revamped and rebranded themselves as what they are now known as, Milk + Blush.

 When I tell you this is the best company I have ever seen when it's come to packaging, costumer service and just the overall vibe - i'm not over exaggerating. Katie, the lovely woman who was helping me through the process, was so sweet and friendly. (Hi Katie, if you're reading this!) Costumer service I feel like is something people dread because more times than not, it's not very pleasant. So, to interact with her and get that service I received was a breath of fresh air for me. 

The extensions I went for were the Full Head Hair Extensions in the shade "Good Vibes" and the length 20-22 inches (180g). The specific set I got retail for £99 or $150.32 on the UK site. I found they were a bit more expensive on the US version of the site listed at the price of $189.99. I don't know if the shipping cost would equal out the prices, but it's just something I noticed and thought it was worth mentioning.

When you receive them they are sent to you in this silver/metallic type envelope and inside you'll find all of these goodies: 

There's tons of feathers, tiny little pom poms, little hearts, cards with their information, even a lollipop and of course, your extensions. I'm telling you it's literally the cutest thing ever! You can just see how much work and thought is put into what they are doing and I think that's something important to note. 

Inside the box you'll find your extensions sealed in a clear pack. It's a two section bag; the first and biggest one holds your actual extensions and the smaller pouch holds a sample piece. They have great service when it comes to help shade match, but even through pictures, the coloring could be off so basically what this sample piece is for is to ensure you've ordered the right color. It's important that you only open the sample piece first. Hold the sample up to your hair, go out into the sunlight and make sure it's a match. If it is, you're good to go and you can move on to unwrapping the actual set. Now, if it's not the right color and you can place the sample back into the netting, seal it back up and send it back in to get your perfect color. But if you've broken the seal to the bigger pouch, unfortunately you won't be able to return them. So, double check, triple check, make sure you're completely sure it's good for you because that'd really suck if you got stuck with something that didn't suit you. Along with the sample piece being for color matching, it'll also give you an idea of the thickness the extensions have, the durability of the clips and the over all sewing/structure of them. 

With all the gushing over the cuteness of the packaging, let's get down to what we are all here for - what's my verdict on the extensions? 

The one thing I loved about them was the thickness of them, I was a bit iffy of them when I first saw them on the site because for a length so long 180G didn't seem like it would be enough, but I was pleasantly surprised. Not only was it enough, but the hair was thickness of the hair was the same all the way from the top to bottom and that's something that's really hard to find with companies. With that being said though, the fact that they are thick from top to bottom, it does scream "hey, look at me i'm wearing extensions!!!", not that I mind if people know that I'm wearing them, but I know some do. You could totally get away with it if you curled them, but if you wanted a more natural look, I'd definitely add some layers or make the ends a bit more choppy just so its not a straight, blunt line. 

The set is made up of 10 wefts; two 3 clips, 5 two clips, 2 one clips and one quad weft. I'm obsessed with the quad weft, I'm so glad it was included in the set because it really does make all the difference. You'd think with all those tracks your head would feel bumpy, especially so because of the quad weft, but it honestly isn't. It's weird because they're thick, but they feel so compact on your hair - if that makes any sense at all? 

As of now, all the pros for the Milk + Blush extensions are: amazing customer service, very thought out and cute packaging, thickness from top to bottom, the extensions lay flat on your head, they curl and hold it very well, easy to comb out and the quad weft.

As always, with pros come some cons. There aren't too many, but you know I always keep it real with you guys, so, these are a few things I've noticed while using them the past few weeks. The first being they have a tendency to slip off my hair, I don't think it's the clips themselves because they feel very sturdy, it may just come down to the texture of my hair. It gets silky when straightened and I can imagine that causing some slipperiness, thus making it hard for the clips to get a firm grasp. Extension wearers always give the tip of teasing your hair at the root to give it something to hold onto, I'm personally not a fan of teasing my hair at all, but that's really the only solution I have if I want them to stay in place. 

The second things is the shedding. I find when I brush them out they do tend to let off some hair - it's no more than your natural hair would, but unfortunately extensions obviously don't have the option to grow themselves back out. It's not something I'm too worried about at this point in time because as I've mentioned before, they are pretty thick. But if they do continue to shed as they do now, overtime there is the chance of them becoming sparse. 

The last con I have with these extensions is the fact that you can only dye them darker. I tweeted out that I had been wanting ombre hair for sometime now and since I had the extensions, maybe I could experiment without damaging my own hair. I was then told by their twitter team that the extensions could only be dyed 2 shades darker or you could apply a toner. I was definitely bummed about that the most because I wanted to use the extensions as a way to experiment with my hair and if I had known I wouldn't be able to lighten the extensions, I would've gotten a lighter set and went the route of dying the part where my natural hair ended a darker color. Obviously with any type of dying/bleaching there will come damage and they might've just told me that with the intention of saving me from ruining my extensions, but I don't know.  They're suppose to be human hair so it really shouldn't be an issue, I've bleached extensions before, but that's just what I was told. I'm pretty spooked now to be honest, I definitely won't be lightening them anytime soon because I don't want to risk them breaking off or something. 

Aside from those 3 cons, though, I do really enjoy the extensions and the company in itself. You can check out their Instagram and see the way everyone has style their own pair. If you're currently on the hunt for a new set, I'd definitely say check them out. Just make sure to keep the hair color situation in mind when choosing the ones you want! 

Lots of love,


As of late, I've been really slacking on my hair care. I've been using heat, not properly moisturizing, no deep conditioning and unfortunately the damage is clearly visible. My mom had a couple avocados sitting on the kitchen counter that were going bad as the days went on, so instead of throwing them out, I decided I wanted to do a little DIY experiment (I know.. typical Kristina thing to do, right?) and I found a perfect recipe that only includes 2 things; avocados and eggs.



Last year I made a post about everything that was on my 2014 Christmas list, so I thought I'd keep the tradition up and make one for 2015. This list is a lot more chilled out than the last and caters to things that I feel would help me in this venture I'm trying to pursue as a blogger (and maybe a few extra things I don't need, but have absolutely no self control and couldn't help but add them in....) Oops! 


As of late, I've been getting super in to makeup and trying to slowly build up my collection. As I was scrounging through instagram I came across a makeup company called Bdellium Tools. I had never heard of them up until that day and what really drew me to them was the fact that not only where they a local company, but they offered a selection of vegan makeup brushes that looked incredible. All their brushes are handmade and even from online you could see that the quality was impeccable. I even remember tweeting about the company and getting tweets back from other bloggers about how great they were. So, when I was told I would be getting the chance to try out some of their lippies I was obviously ecstatic! If their brushes looked that great, their lip crayons shouldn't be anything short of amazing too, right? 


Seeing as Thanksgiving is next week (honestly, where has time gone?!) I thought now would be a good time to put out a gift guide for all you boyfriends, girlfriends, brothers and dads who find yourself struggling in the gift department during Christmas time.



I hadn't initially planned to put up a post tonight, but as I was scrolling through my youtube subscriptions, I came across a video uploaded by Buzzfeed called "I Survived A Suicide Attempt". Buzzfeed has a following of over 5 million on youtube and to know that people with such a huge platform are using it to inform and share their own personal struggles in regards to mental illnesses and suicide warms my heart like no other.

The video was done tastefully, but they were still able to get the message they wanted to across. For those of you who aren't subscribed to them or just wouldn't have found yourself coming across the video yourself, I wanted to share it with you all here as I believe its a must watch.

Chances are none of the people who took part in the making of this video will never come across this post, but I still wanted to thank you. Thank you for reliving such a troubling chapter in your life in hopes that your story may help at least one person. Thank you for being open and honest. Most of all, thank you for continuing on even when you believed you couldn't any longer. The strength you all hold is incredibly inspiring.

"Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem."

For those of you currently struggling with thoughts of suicide or may have even attempted, please know that the place you're in right now - it's not forever. Work through it. No matter how hard and no matter how much you stumble through the process, grasp on to that happiness you deserve. Those 4 people you saw above are only a few of so many that are living proof life is worth living even through your darkest times. I believe you and I believe in you. 

Sending you all my love, 
K xo 


If you were to ask me my hair type, I honestly wouldn't know what to tell you. The whole "1a" "69XYZ" seems like a whole other language to me. My hair is definitely a lot curlier than it appears on the picture - the strands resembling curly fries (plus those hideous little stragalies due to heat damage!). 



As a part of my 3rd installment of "My Blogging Secrets", I decided I'd show you guys some of my favorite blogger themes that are free. I truly believe the layout and design of your blog is what determine whether or not someone will take interest in it. If your blog looks scattered and is too hard on the eyes, 9 times out of 10 people will click off within a minute and won't even give your written content a chance. You want something that's cute, shows your style and is easy to navigate!


I find that a lot of bloggers assume you need high quality equipment/programs to get good looking pictures, but thats simply not true! In my
first installment of "My Blogging Secrets" I showed you were you can find some amazing, high quality photos that are free to use on your blog. Today, I'll be showing you how I edit the pictures I use to match my "theme". 



Never in these last few years would I have thought I'd get the opportunity to make a post like this.  

For the last month or so I've became very restless, constantly being haunted by the fact that I'm 20 years old and I'm still living with my parents. It's not fun to admit that, I mean if you're in school or working, then I totally get it. But I'm doing neither of those and it's gotten to the point where it's embarrassing. 


These past few months I've been getting extremely into makeup and trying to build up my collection. I've never been one to spend tons of money on a piece just because of the name on the package, as long as the pigmentation is nice and their a cruelty free brand, I'm satisfied. 

I thought it'd be a fun idea to share little hauls every now and again of my latest purchases. Whether you're looking for some replacements for the stuff you're using now, just starting out with makeup or are like me and would rather not break the bank to find a good product, I hope I can introduce you to some new alternatives! 


A better title for this would probably be "My Everyday Makeup (Except not really) (This only gets put on when I'm not being lazy) (Or when I go somewhere.. which is NEVER.) 


Being a blogger can be quite difficult sometimes, especially if you've been blogging for a while. It gets to a point where you feel like you've done every single post under the sun and you find yourself being discouraged by this sudden "bloggers block".

Bloggers block is your worst enemy.

Once its taken a hold of your creative flow, all of a sudden a whole month has passed and you still haven't put out any new content. Then comes the stress because of the lack of content and all of a sudden you're loosing interest completely because the stress overtakes the fun.

Not to worry though because Kristina, me - don't know why I'm talking in third person, to the rescue! Through the many hiatuses I've unintentionally taken due to lack of inspiration, I've found ways to easily spark it back up.


October 10th. 
World Mental Health Day. 
A day that is very close to my - and so many others' hearts. 
(One of the many days) where we fight for our dignity, respect and understanding. 


I've been super into french braids at the moment, but because I have the whole 'chubby baby cheek' thing going on, I don't think the normal two going straight back suit me at all. If that style is more of your thing, you could totally do the braids all the way down and just rock the low bun look. There's honestly so many options, it's really just up to personal preference. Do it the way I did or add your special touch, either way its going to come out gorg!   


Hi guys, happy Thursday! 
As it's just turned the 1st of October (or 1st day of halloween in my mind), I thought we'd kick off this month with sharing some of my favorite/most used things from September. 


I've found that I'm someone who's never completely satisfied with anything - always yearning for something new, something more challenging. Some way to prove myself, I guess.

I never really thought why it was up until today. The short, easy answer would probably be that I'm just a perfectionist, but that's just not true. As I've ponder back and forth through the endless possible conclusions, they all lead back to control. 

Being someone that's lived with anxiety, depression and all sorts of different MI throughout the past 7 years, control is one of the things that's been taken from me. And I feel like with my blog, that was finally given back to me. The design, the name, the posts, everything that came with The Ugly Girls Club was all down to only me

Along the way, I feel I got lost. With the numerous name changes, the different themes, feeling pressured to put out content, etc. It just wasn't really the same anymore. Yesterday was definitely my tipping point, though, that nagging feeling of needing a change was back full force. The thought of even just deleting my blog as a whole crossed my mind. While these thoughts were crossing my mind, one of my friends told me that maybe I should just wait it out, see how I feel in a week and just go from there. That's obviously the more logical thing to do, but I woke up today feel the same way I did last night, even not even more determined. 

I did decide against deleting my blog because that's honestly just crazy talk. I don't think I could ever do that, blogging is my happy place and it's not something I want to give up anytime soon. I do, though, plan on making some big changes. Initially, I was just going to delete all my posts and start on a clean slate, but as cringey as some of them are, they've got me to where I am now and it just reminds me of the progress I've made; both in my personal life and content wise. I couldn't resist reverting some to draft, but I've kept up the ones that seem to be some of your favorites and some of the ones that just mean a lot to me. 

When you came to read this post, it was pretty obvious that my layout and set up has change from the way it was - I'm not entirely sure if I'm going to keep it this way or change it to something different. But for now, this is the way it's going to be. Throughout the week I'll be tweaking it, so don't be surprised if you come back tomorrow and you see something different. 

To sum this post up, I just really want to make my blog something I'm proud of again. I want to get back to a point where it was fun for me to post and I didn't get anxiety over the fact that I hadn't posted anything in a few days. I want to put out quality content and not just something I half-assed just to get a post out. This is most definitely still staying a lifestyle, fashion/beauty and mental health based blog, but from here on out I'm back on my A-game. 

I hope you guys are excited as I am! I'll talk to you guys in my next post. 

Lots and lots of love, 
Kristina xxx 


I've never been one to wear lipstick, not because I wasn't a fan, more because of insecurity issues. I felt it just didn't suit my lip shape, making my already big lips look even bigger. I'm not really sure why I fretted about it so much - hell, people now a days are over drawing their lips just to have a pair like mine! I feel should be thankful I was born with a full pair of lips.


There's no doubt that Orion is ranking high in the looks department, but what I adore most about her is her ability to go blind against the constant bashing and being labeled "problematic", and not letting it deter her away from what she truly believes in. 

She's one of the very few people with a huge platform online that actually uses it for good. She's a very strong minded, independent woman that uses her voice to speak on things that are viewed as taboo. Being only 18, I'd say thats pretty damn admirable. And lets not stray from the obvious, a top of all those cool qualities she holds, she's got an amazing style to go with it! 


I would like to formally introduce you all to the newest member of the family, Franklin (or Frankie, as we'll be calling him)! He's a 7 week old Yorkie/Chihuahua mix weighing in at a tiny 2 pounds. 


For the past year, I've seen Amanda's style and what she's got going on right now is definitely one of my favorites. To think she's just 16 years old and she's able to put together the simplest pieces together and make them her own with an edgy twist is incredible. I cringe thinking about what I was dressing like when I was her age!


Hi! My name is Claire and I am from a blog named EclairsCares! I feel privileged for the opportunity to write for Kristina's blog as I love her posts and she is a good friend too.

I thought for this post, I would write 10 ways to help a friend who may be suffering with a mental illness or generally a hidden condition. I feel like sometimes maybe friends and family may not know how to help someone they know. 


A few weeks ago, I was in contact with a company called Select Specs. They offered to send me a pair of glasses and I didn't hesitate to accept, It couldn't have come at a better time! I had just broken my previous pair of glasses a few weeks beforehand and I had tried to salvage them by taping the little ear handle thing (what are those even called?) back onto the frame, but let's be real that's not cute at all. 


I've become obsessed with trying out new products, whether it be store bought or homemade, and as I was browsing the internet today I decided, why not combine some ingredients and create my own? I've seen a ton of different variations, but this is the mixture I came up with.


Scrolling through the 'roomspiration' tag on both instagram and tumblr is one of my favorite things to do. There's nothing better than seeing someone's individual style being binded together to create one beautiful space.

Out of all the room designs I've found myself being drawn to, there is always some type of wall art. Im not too big into abstract art, but I can definitely appreciate every variation. My personal favorites are the simple ones - a framed crisp, white paper with words, quotes and cute sayings etched on to it. 

In case any of you are looking for inspiration or coincidentally looking for wall quotes at this very moment, I thought I'd share some of my favorites I've come across.


One of the best emotions anyone can feel is happiness. Over the past 7/8 years, it's the one I've completely lost touch with. It's a feeling that has become so foreign to me, I'm not even sure I'm okay with feeling it. 

I don't want to speak for everyone when I say this, but im sure a good amount of you who deal with anxiety, depression or any other form of mental illness will relate to what I'm about to say.

We've be through such a roller coaster of emotions, both the highs and the lows - most of which are unfortunately lows, our minds have adapted and made it our 'normal'. Though it's a negative way of thinking, us constantly expecting the worst in a situation is our key to survival. 


I've never been that into instagram - posting wise, but I do love having a little nose around everyone else's pages. These are some of the pages I constantly find myself being drawn to. 



As someone who's a blogger themselves, I know how frustrating 'bloggers block' can be. I've conjured up a little list of 15 things you can write about in a post. Some may interest you, some may not, the whole goal is to get the ball rolling again. Do exactly what I've put down or make it your own with a little twist - be creative!

Here are 15 post ideas for bloggers of all sorts; lifestyle, beauty, fashion, etc - enjoy, loves! 


I can't begin to explain my love for hair extenstions. They have the ability to change up your entire look within minutes. Whether you're wanting to spice  up your short bob or just want to give some volume and extra legnth to your already long locks, they do it all. I mean... if you can achieve it, just weave it, right? 

Okay, I totally didn't come up with that last line, but I loved it and just had to say it. Props to the person who made it up with it. GENIUS. 


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