Recently, I've found myself continuously reminiscing back to my childhood when my hair was perfect and untouched.
For the past week or two, I've been heat free in attempt to revive my curls and retain my hair growth. I've been getting a bit antsy though because ever since middle school, I've always had my hair straightened and having my natural curls out is something I'm no longer use to. I'm trying to adjust and find ways to stick to no heat-styles but it's extremely hard. 

To inspire myself (and to put pressure on myself because I don't like to publicly say I'm going to do something and not do it) I'm going to post up some pictures from when my hair was in it's virgin state and agree to a hair challenge. I'm not sure if there is any challenges out right now, if there is please let me know, but for now I'll just stick to no heat, deep conditioning, correct shampoos, etc. and every month I'll come back and update you all on how much my hair has grown and what I've been doing. 

At the moment, my hair is at collar bone length and my goal is to get back to the waist length hair I once had. It's going to be a long journey, but I'm excited! I've been watching tons of videos on big chops and hair growth journey videos and they are giving me the push I need. I'm not too sure if I'd ever do the big chop myself because I just don't think I'm there yet, but I applaud all the women with the confidence to do it and rock it!

Here are some random pictures that I could find! Please excuse my huge 5-head, these were all before I started doing my own hair and got bangs hahaha.. My mom clearly loved to have that baby on show! The struggle.

One of the few rare times I was allowed to get my hair straighten during my childhood! I remember I use to have to beg and cry for my parents to give in and let me do it.They wanted to preserve my curls, but I didn't care at the time.. I'm paying for it now though! Haha.

If you'd like a more in-depth post about my hair history, let me know and I'll do it. :) 

Are any of you trying to get your curls back? 



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